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Innowood and InnoCeil Provide Fire-Rated Timber Solutions

Timber’s strength and beauty means it has been a highly desired product by architects, designers and homeowners for as long as it comes. Innowood takes the advantages and aesthetics of natural timber and combines them with other materials to create an even more durable alternative.

For architects and developers looking to provide a fire-rated ceiling solution, Innowood systems deliver excellent fire performance for interior Building Code compliance, making them a cost-effective and easy option. When the systems are specified for commercial interiors, they can be produced in a higher fire performance grade by special order. Innowood has been increasingly used as an alternative to real timber due to its ability to build in various levels of fire performance. Over the years we have supplied several projects to meet the Material Group Numbers 1-S or 2-S.

The inclusion of the fire retardant in the extrusion process means there is minimal change to the finished look of the wood. Not only that but it is not a surface coating and cannot delaminate in the future.

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