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Eurothane PIR Boards Easy to Retro-Fit

This living room floor was losing heat because of an uninsulated cold concrete floor.

The solution was to fit high R-value PIR boards to the concrete ceiling of the garage below. A layer of 40mm PIR was glued directly to the concrete, and additional wooden battens were used as a secondary fix. Ramset concrete bolts were secured through the wooden battens and PIR insulation into the concrete.

The installers were easily able to cut the PIR to work around existing pipework and enjoyed the ease of handling PIR compared to Batts or polystyrene — no dust or mess or scratchy skin.

The clients have noticed a dramatic improvement in the temperatures in their living room now that the cold air from the garage is unable to permeate into the living room. They said it took a couple of days for the floor slab to warm up and now, thanks to the PIR insulation, the room remains warm and doesn’t go cold overnight.

Visit to find out more how Eurothane PIR boards deliver superior R-values and ease of installation.

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Eurothane PIR Boards Easy to Retro-Fit
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