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Curved Glulam Portals Feature in Award-Winning Church Restoration

Techlam is proud to have been involved in the recently completed St Hilda's Church in Island Bay — a restoration project that seamlessly blends the old with the new. First Light Studio's concept for St Hilda's Church pairs warm timber elements with intricate façade details, creating a timeless, stunning aesthetic.

Techlams’ curved portals work beautifully in the church, introducing a light and natural element that transforms the space. The project is a great example of incorporating a strong, durable, modern element like Techlam glulam into a historical building. St Hilda's Church was a winner in the Small Project Architecture category of the NZIA Wellington Architecture Awards, and also won two awards at the 2023 Timber Design Awards. 

"This small but impressive project utilised timber specifically as a solution to some delicate structural issues which enabled a historically sensitive building to retain its integrity while taking on a new outward-facing appearance and also improve its ability to survive earthquakes. Tying together the old and the new was achieved using New Zealand timbers tastefully connected with the existing structural system to create a new and improved space for the building users." — 2023 Timber Design Awards

Why choose glulaminated timber? 


The demand for innovative materials that combine strength and eco-consciousness has never been more important. For architects, and builders seeking a sustainable product that doesn't compromise on performance or aesthetics, Techlam glulam is an ideal solution. Engineered timber is a responsible design choice, and Techlam's experienced team are available to assist on projects throughout New Zealand, the Pacific islands and and further a field to help make your designs a reality.

Versatility in design

What sets Glulam apart is its versatility in design. Unlike rigid steel or concrete, glulam easily forms various shapes, allowing architects to unleash their creative visions without constraints. From curves to bold cantilevers, glulam empowers designers to push boundaries and redefine architectural norms. Its natural aesthetic appeal adds warmth and character to any space, transforming structures into timeless works of art effortlessly facilitated by Techlam.

Cost efficiency

Along with sustainable construction methods, comes cost-effectiveness. The lightweight nature of glulam timber reduces transportation and installation costs, while prefabricated components streamline construction timelines and minimise on-site waste. The result? A win-win solution that maximises value without sacrificing quality or sustainability.

By harnessing the power of nature, engineering ingenuity, and design excellence, glulam paves the way for a brighter, greener future. With each project, specifiers can leave a legacy: one built on the pillars of sustainability, strength, and timeless beauty, supported by Techlam's commitment to simplifying the process and ensuring that sustainable choices are within reach for all.

Embrace the transformative potential of glulam, facilitated by Techlam, and embark on a journey to shape a world where sustainability and progress go hand in hand.

Project Awards:

  • Winner - Small Project Architecture, Wellington Architecture Awards
  • Highly Commended - Commercial & Public Building Design, 2023 Timber Design Awards
  • Highly Commended - People's Choice Award, 2023 Timber Design Awards
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