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New Solution for Fire Rating Timber Penetrations

There is a common misconception in New Zealand that char rates can be used to address the fire rating issues of timber passing through a fire separation, even though char rates only apply to mass timber. It is noted that this has been, and still is being detailed, however, this solution is non-compliant.

Therefore, to provide a robust and tested solution to this problem, which is able to be used in both new or existing buildings, Tech Coatings conducted testing at New Zealand’s newest fire laboratory, PFITS.

Test Results

Tech Coatings' latest test report details how the use of FBL-100 Intumescent Coating combined with BOSS FireMastic HPE can solve the issue of non-compliance.

Tech Coatings tested three different timber penetration scenarios;

  1. 90 x 45mm timber penetration coated on the four exposed sides;
  2. 90 x 45mm timber penetration topped with a combustible substrate and coated on the three exposed sides;
  3. 90 x 45mm timber penetration topped with a non-combustible substrateand coated on the three exposed sides;

At the termination of the test, the results for each of the specimens was 60/60/60.

Permissible Variations under AS 1530.4:2014

The results of the fire test contained in the test report are directly applicable, without reference to the testing authority, to similar constructions where one or more following changes have been made.

Results obtained from this prototype test may be applied to timber penetrations similar to those tested with:

  • Increase in timber density (meaning anything denser than pine)
  • Increase in cross-sectional dimensions (meaning anything thicker, i.e. 140 x 45mm)

Therefore, proving that the system can be used in many different scenarios.

Case Study: Acute Services Building, Christchurch Hospital

Tech Coatings was approached to help fix this exact problem in the new Acute Services Building at Christchurch Hospital. The Tech Coatings approved installer, Restruct Construction, was able to re-mediate all 200 separate timber penetrations in less than a week, which included opening up all annular gaps around the timber penetrations, allowing the client to keep moving towards their opening date.

FBL-100 is the only intumescent coating available in Australasia that has been tested on locally sourced building materials as per the New Zealand Building Code, using AS 1530.4:2014, ISO 9705 and ISO 5660.

For further information, please contact Tech Coatings

View more information on Tech Coatings, including contact details.
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