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PenoLock: Easy Fire Stopping Solutions for Timber and Steel Elements Penetrating Fire Walls

PenoLock is a suite of adaptive systems specifically designed for timber and steel elements penetrating fire walls. Fire Stopping with PenoLock is highly efficient: Easy and quick to install with a low profile, the system's components are purposefully aligned to achieve a fire resistance rating of up to -/60/60 compliant with the NZBC.  

The PenoLock systems build on the success of FBL-100 intumescent coating as its active component — a water-borne, low-VOC, thin-film intumescent, which is formulated to the highest standards and provides optimal fire protection while being environmentally friendly.

All PenoLock systems are made to adapt to the specific requirements of the project:

PenoLock Timber for trusses (recessed/proud vertical web), purlins and joists

Offers a 30 min and a 60 min fire rated solution, installed in just two simple steps — using mastic and one coat of FBL-100. The solution works for installations with combustible and non-combustible substrates.

PenoLock Steel for C-Section purlins

Offers a 60 min fire rated solution. For a fast, easy and clean installation, pre-cut plasterboard pattresses and ceramic fibre patches are provided as part of the system, adding to the fire proofing provided by the mastic and FBL-100.

To deliver a tested and endorsed solution all PenoLock systems were tested in accordance with AS 1530.4:2014 at FTS Laboratory in Auckland.

Advantages of the system:

  • Competitively priced solution — comparable square metre rate through reduced WFT
  • Easily installed on complex penetrations and in restricted spaces
  • Saves substantively on time required per penetration
  • Clean and minimal waste
  • Simplified Quality Assurance with QC checks during application
  • Readily available technical support and training
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