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Reduce Waste with Floc

We live in a world that flows with constant change and development. This is prevalent within the built environment as we improve on existing buildings whilst making room for new ones.

However, this persistent growth comes with detrimental effects to our environment and those that inhabit it. Over 50% of all waste generated in New Zealand may be due to the construction industry, making it one of the largest waste-producing industries in the country. As specifiers and suppliers, we have a role to ensure we’re putting forward products that reduce construction waste and provide a better environment for future generations.

Floc is leading the way for a truly renewable acoustic panel that avoids becoming landfill waste entirely. Floc is made from 100% New Zealand wool that is naturally grown unlike synthetic man-made fibres made from unsustainable and non-renewable resources such as oil, gas and coal.

Once Floc has come to the end of its life it can be returned to the earth. Rather than spending up to 200 years to break down in a landfill, Floc is fully compostable and will decompose when buried. Floc’s ability to break down in a sustainable manner helps reduce construction waste and promote a renewable product life cycle.

There is an abundance of unique beneficial properties of wool that have never been synthetically reproduced. Research by AgResearch has revealed that wool absorbs harmful air pollutants (such as formaldehyde, sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxides) and does not re-emit them.

Floc is Red List free and a natural choice which provides natural air filtering, heat and moisture regulating properties. Floc is hypoallergenic — it is resistant to bacteria, mould and mildew. It has microscopic pores that respond effectively to changes in humidity preventing microorganisms from growing and breeding.

Floc was developed with the environment in mind. However, it is also a good choice as it has excellent acoustic qualities, a 1-S fire rating, and comes in a wide range of colours.

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