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StoColor X-black: Heat Reflective Paint for Striking Facades

It's a well-known fact, dark colours attract heat when exposed to direct solar radiation because they absorb the impacting sunlight and turn it into heat, while light surfaces reflect the majority of the impacting energy  a key consideration when choosing an exterior paint colour.

An external wall insulation system keeps building interiors comfortably cool in the summer.  But the surface  especially when there is a combination of dark colour shades and solar radiation – can reach temperatures of more than 80°C, which may lead to crack formation, insulant deformation and building element expansion. With StoColor X-black's innovative NIR (near-infrared reflection) black pigments, the StoColor X-black heat-relective facade paint is guaranteed to keep temperature peaks caused by solar radiation at below 70°C.

A large proportion of solar energy is reflected in the invisible near-infrared spectrum. This is why standard market pigments have been replaced by NIR black pigments in the new StoColor X-black facade paint.  The pigments required for individual colour shades in the range are also prepared using an effective NIR formulation.  The same applies to filler materials used.  

StoColor X-black offers, unrestricted colour shade freedom and optimum protection.

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