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The EzPanel Cavity System Simplifies Weathertight Construction

The EzPanel system is a cavity-based autoclaved aerated concrete (AAC) panel system which when finished with a layer of fibreglass reinforced polymer modified plaster creates a lightweight, highly durable exterior cladding. Weighing approximately 80% less than standard brick veneer construction, the system negates the need for additional expensive engineering and support over windows and rooflines. And, thanks to EzPanel’s unique penetration flashing system, it is now even easier to create a dry cavity.

Unique penetration flashing system for improved weathertightness 

The EzPanel system incorporates its own, state-of-the-art penetration flashing system to ensure all windows and doors are adequately sealed to stop water intrusion. This system reduces the need for soffit-line and window-head weepholes, commonly needed with brick and other AAC systems — making it easier to create a watertight seal around windows and junctions of detailed areas like parapets and chimneys. The penetration flashings are installed by a certified contractor to act as a means of secondary weather defense, resulting in a reliable weathertight structure. 

Non-combustible and impact-resistant with excellent thermal properties

EzPanels are non-combustible, and offer excellent impact resistance and sound insulation properties. The exterior nature of the EzPanels also places their fantastic insulation characteristics as close as possible to where temperatures fluctuates, helping reduce ongoing energy consumption compared to most conventional exterior wall systems. 

Backed by BRANZ appraisal and a system guarantee

The EzPanel system has been appraised by the Building Research Association of New Zealand (BRANZ) Appraisal No. 649 and carries a 15 year materials guarantee, backed by Specialized Construction Products. The system also carries a 5-year workmanship guarantee from your LBP Registered Plasterer when installed as per manual.

Fast and cost-effective installation

The basic material components that are used to produce EzPanels (i.e. sand and cement) give the finished system the same robust characteristics as plastered brick. However, due to the size and lightweight nature of the EzPanels they are extremely quick and cost-effective to install when compared with traditional plastered brick claddings.

EzPanels are reinforced with a high strength wire mesh making them extremely impact resistant and easy to handle on site. The surface of the panels can be easily channeled and finished to create negative grooves and details that are expensive and difficult to create in other plaster based exterior claddings. Lightweight fixings such as downpipes and lights can be fixed directly into EzPanel without having to fix toggles or masonry anchors in the wall.

The system can be installed ‘free hanging’ over the surface of its cavity, so unlike bricks it does not require a strip footing or heavy metal lintels over windows to support its weight. It also does not require extra structural engineering when walls become higher than 2.4m which helps to reduce on site construction costs.

To learn more about the benefits EzPanel can bring to your projects, contact Specialized Construction Products

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The EzPanel Cavity System Simplifies Weathertight Construction
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