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Integrating Solatube Skylights into Learning Environments

For architects and designers focused on creating impactful learning environments, Solatube skylights present a compelling lighting solution.

Easily incorporated into new or existing spaces 

In learning environments, natural light is an important factor. The Solatube daylighting system is a smart solution for bringing more natural light into spaces, and is truly easy to integrate into any designer or architect's vision.

If you are working on a renovation project Solatube skylights can easily be installed in an existing classroom or educational space without any additional major alterations e.g. no structural design changes are needed, or major construction required, and they can be installed on almost any roof type quickly and easily. 

And if there is a need for a solution to brighten up a certain space or hard-to-reach area, a Solatube skylight can do this for you.

Harnessing natural light for inspired designs 

Solatube skylights harness natural light to illuminate interior spaces. If you’re looking for an opportunity to create a bright and beautiful classroom with the least amount of effort and time, Solatube has got you covered. The Solatube dome has a unique technology called Raybender 3000. The Raybender 3000 filters intense sunlight and effectively captures low light conditions on cloudy days. Within the dome lies the innovative light in-dome reflector which optimises light capture by redirecting sunlight into your space, even during the low light winter months. 

Sustainable design integration 

Solatube skylights offer a sustainable lighting solution that reduces reliance on artificial sources. Architects and designers can integrate Solatube skylights into their designs as part of a holistic approach to sustainability, showcasing a commitment to eco-friendly practices while helping enhance the functionality and energy efficiency in educational buildings.

Tailored lighting solutions for diverse spaces 

Educational facilities encompass a diverse range of spaces, each with unique lighting requirements. Solatube skylights provide architects and designers flexibility to tailor lighting solutions to specific spaces. For example, a gymnasium requires more light than a classroom. Solatube offers small, medium and large sizes.

The small sizes are 160DS (250mm) and 290DS (350mm) for smaller commercial spaces with ceilings up to 3050mm.

The medium (SolarMaster series) sizes have different domes (330DS and 750DS) for different types of light capture on a 530mm tube, for bigger spaces. The medium sizes also offer open or closed ceiling configurations for your specific daylighting needs and wants.

For larger spaces such as gymnasiums, auditoriums or any big space, Solatube has their biggest tube diameter — at 740mm the SkyVault M74 DS is designed to shine light all the way to the floor in large-volume spaces with high, open ceilings. Available with the assemblies and accessories to fully control light levels.

Solatube stands out as the sole tubular daylighting company offering end-to-end consultation, starting from design and extending to installation. Solatube's top-notch consultants utilise exclusive software to precisely model your daylighting design, ensuring it aligns perfectly with your specific requirements. 

Human-centric design principles 

Natural light has been proven to positively impact mood, productivity, and overall wellbeing. By integrating Solatube skylights into designs, architects and designers can positively add to the experience of students and staff, adding natural sunlight to spaces. Solatube skylights also offer protection from harmful UV rays and ensure there is no colour alteration — as the skylights maintain the original colour of all objects under direct sunlight. Solatube skylights keep the light colour consistent throughout the whole area and protect spaces from sun induced discolouration. 

In conclusion, Solatube skylights present architects and designers with a versatile and sustainable lighting solution that enhances the quality of educational environments. By harnessing natural light, promoting sustainability, and offering hassle free installation processes, Solatube skylights empower architects and designers to create spaces that contribute to learning, and promote well-being.

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