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MultiVent Stops Homes from Becoming Goldfish Bowls

Most of us have probably tried to keep a pet fish. For a low maintenance pet, fish can be a lot of effort to look after. Cleaning their tanks and filtering water is essential to keep them healthy, after all, it’s how they breathe.

So why is ventilation in our homes any different?

As homes are made more airtight to prevent heat and energy losses, they become more like goldfish bowls. Much like how water doesn’t magically clean itself in a goldfish bowl, a home must be actively ventilated to prevent overheating and keep it dry, healthy, and comfortable to live in.

An effective way to accomplish this is via continuous extraction with boost automation. This type of system will continuously bring fresh air inside, flushing the moist or overheated air out and bringing dryer and cooler air in, while also fulfilling the NZ Building Code's requirements for moisture extraction from wet areas. 

It’s like a fully automated filter.

A MultiVent continuous extraction ventilation system is a fully featured, and cost-effective way to accomplish this. By using continuous 24/7 trickle ventilation in combination with passive air inlets, fresh air can be constantly drawn through a home before being extracted from wet rooms by a centralised system.

The constant air movement from continuous ventilation provides an effective defence against moisture build-up and minimises the risks of overheating during hot summer months. MultiVent also features humidity-based automation, detecting high moisture events such as bathing or laundry, and boosts the fan accordingly. The system operates at a quiet 35dB(A) at continuous speeds, and sound is only produced from the extraction points, further diminishing the system’s noise. 

Because MultiVent features an automated and centralised fan unit, only a single power supply is needed, and no switches are required (although an optional switch can be fitted for overheated air purging). MultiVent also uses a high efficiency EC fan, which results in better performance and lower running costs for end users.

A MultiVent system is a smart solution for managing moisture and overheating in new builds, apartments, and most other airtight residential dwellings. The system is also BRANZ appraised and suitable for Homestar v5 homes between level 6 to level 8. 

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