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MultiVent Continuous Extraction Ventilation System

The MultiVent continuous extraction ventilation system comes pre-configured as a fully automated, cost effective centralised negative pressure ventilation system. MultiVent can be used in any home for extraction, but a system with passive air inlets is a whole home ventilation system, ideal for new build and low-permeability properties. Continuous extraction ventilation is ideal for managing internal moisture and avoiding overheating, and is cost-effective to run.

Key Features
  • BRANZ appraised
  • A cost effective air extraction system, with the flexibility to use only one power supply cable and no need for wall switches, unless required
  • Suitable for apartments, multi-unit dwellings & free-standing homes
  • Extracts air from 'wet' rooms such as bathrooms, kitchens, and laundries
  • Humidity based automation which detects bathing and cooking events and increases the extraction speed to compensate
  • A centralised MultiVent system with three extraction points is more energy efficient than three individual fans
  • Energy efficient EC fans
  • Draws fresh air inside via passive air inlets, providing the benefits of filtration and noise damping options without leaving windows open
  • On-board digital controls for any quick changes to the configurable parameter from default settings
  • Home Ventilation helps avoid overheating in hot months
  • Meets the NZ Green Building Council's Homestar v5 6-8 rating
  • Free design service for residential plans
Homestar / Green Star (Envirospec) Compliant
Homestar / Green Star
Scope of Use

The MultiVent continuous extract ventilation system is a flexible solution for residential dwellings. The system is suitable for meeting the Building Code and NZ Green Building Council's ventilation requirements for homes.

Extracts air from 'wet' rooms such as bathrooms, kitchens, and laundries.

The MultiVent unit can be installed in the ceiling space, or a cupboard for dwellings with space limitations.

This solution is ideal for regions with environmental conditions that necessitate closed windows. This includes medium to high background noise areas, or regions with dust or pollen issues (with a filtered passive air inlet).

Suitable for:

  • Standalone homes
  • Terraced homes
  • Apartments
  • Multi-unit dwellings
  • Retirement homes
  • Student accomodation
  • Up to 3 storey dwellings (design dependent)
  • All New Zealand climate zones

Simx offers a free ventilation design service for residential properties.

Provided condensate drain points for regions with very high ambient air humidity to prevent damp and mould growth in cavity spaces. These are provided with sealed knock-outs that allow the MultiVentunit to be mounted in all orientations.

Simx also offers a range of passive air inlets for different situations. Three options are available; a filtered option for locations with pollen or dust, an acoustically damped option for regions with high background noise, and a settable option with knock-outs for minimum settable non-closure applications.

Limitations on Use
  • Must be installed in accordance with the installation instructions and recommendations made by Simx
  • Not suitable for larger industrial properties
Statement of Building Code Compliance

MultiVent is designed to comply with NZ Building Code G4/ AS1, although correct design and installation is required in order to meet these provisions.

The acceptable solutions for G4 (G4/AS1) outlines specific extraction ventilation requirements in homes. If natural activities or environmental conditions produce any of the types of air pollution outlined in NZBC G4 3.3 , mechanical ventilation is required. 

Additionally; as per table 2 in NZS4303:1990, private dwellings require 0.35 air changes per hour, but no less than 7.5 L/s per person.

For extraction ventilation, table 2 in NZS4303:1990 requires at least 50L/s intermittently or 12L/s continuously for kitchens, 25L/s intermittently or 10L/s continuously for bathrooms, and 20L/s intermittently for laundries.

AS1668: Part 2 2012 requires 40L/s for laundries with unvented non-condensing dryers.

In a typical installation, MultiVent is designed to meet these standards.

MultiVent also meets the NZ healthy homes ventilation standards.

In-Service History

MultiVent is a European designed and manufactured product by Vent-Axia, who have over 80 years of experience in the ventilation industry. After decades of refinement and proven performance in the airtight European market, MultiVent was introduced to the New Zealand market in 2021, with a BRANZ approval that remains current.

MultiVent has been installed in properties all around New Zealand, as well as in developments such as the Vivid Living retirement village which is installing 160 systems during 2024.

Other Performance Attributes
  • MultiVent is BRANZ Appraised
  • Sufficient for meeting Homestar levels 6-8. It also features on the NZ Green Building Council's Homestar v5 ECCHO online design tool.
  • The system creates a quiet 35dB(A) of noise at three metres while operating at continuous speeds. The noise from the unit is further diminished in the home as extraction points are only located in wet rooms, and the passive air inlets feature no mechanical components, so make almost no noise.
  • Provided condensate drain points for regions with very high ambient air humidity to prevent damp and mould growth in cavity spaces

Warranty & Maintenance

MultiVent features a 7 year warranty.

Maintenance is minimal as the fan is designed to minimise the amount of dirt build-up. However, the ceiling extract diffusers can be cleaned with a damp cloth.

BRANZ Appraised
BRANZ Appraised
Data Sheet: MultiVent Continuous
BRANZ Appraisal 1152: MultiVent Continuous System

1152 [2021]

SDoC: MultiVent Fan 7200
Brochure: MultiVent Continuous

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