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November 2015

New Warm Roof Solutions

RoofLogic offers two warm roof systems, incorporating a continuous layer of insulation that sits outside the building, eliminating thermal breaks and reducing the risk of condensation in the roof cavity. Both the RL UltraTherm MSR (built-up metal skin) and the RL UltraTherm Xtreme (built-up membrane) deliver a number of design advantages, programme efficiencies and performance benefits.

Design Flexibility

Choose from a range of roof build-ups, surface finishes, and insulation thicknesses (R values up to 5.2). The roof finish can be seamlessly integrated with internal gutters and parapets for a streamlined aesthetic.

Programme Efficiencies

The early installation of a vapour barrier extending to the gutters means stormwater is managed during construction and enables early close in. Top Deck profiles are locally manufactured and can be supplied in precise single lengths with short lead times.

Improved Performance 

For commercial buildings using a RL membrane roof, USG Boral Securock roof board can be installed between the insulation layer and the membrane to provide a number of system benefits. With a compressive strength of 1800psi Securock provides an incredibly strong roof, reducing the risk of damage from foot traffic and concentrated loads. USG Boral Securock board is completely homogenous meaning that when you adhere the membrane you are adhering directly to the board providing improved adhesive bond and wind uplift performance.

For projects where control of external noise is needed, an RL MSR roof with Securock achieves an STC acoustic rating of 38 while a membrane roof can achieve 42. The systems also provide excellent rain noise attenuation.

RoofLogic provides the project specification, detailing, condensation risk analysis and engineering support required to achieve a robust, durable, long-term roofing solution.

For more information on this warm roof system, contact RoofLogic.

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