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New DRI-CLAD Roofing and Cladding Keeps Condensation Under Control

Roofing Industries is proud to introduce their latest innovation — DRI-CLAD drip-resistant roofing and cladding. Designed to resolve moisture and condensation issues in commercial buildings, and available in a range of Roofing Industries profiles, DRI-CLAD is ideal for designing attractive and high-performing buildings that will stand the test of time.

Traditionally with metal roofing and cladding profiles the industry has relied on underlays installed along with mesh to prevent water from leaking through the underside of the metal sheeting and into the structure. However, the effectiveness of this approach can be limited; with risk of condensation forming on the underside of the roofing or cladding and underlay once the saturation point has been reached. That moisture, with nowhere to go, can contribute to damp, mould and structural decay — and form droplets which fall into the structure below. DRI-CLAD is designed to resolve these issues by regulating moisture build-up.

DRI-CLAD features a self-adhering moisture-absorbing fleece which is laminated to the metal roofing and cladding. This fleece layer, which eliminates the need for an underlay on uninsulated roofs, works to absorb water up to 1 Litre per m², preventing droplets from forming, falling and damaging products within the building. The moisture captured by the fleece is discharged back into the atmosphere as normal humidity only once the temperature rises above the dew point, where it can be released from the building via mechanical ventilation and a vapour barrier.

DRI-CLAD is ideal for commercial and industrial buildings including warehouses, retail and trade outlets, gymnasiums, stadiums, rural sheds and more — anywhere that condensation control is essential. The system is suitable for use with most Roofing Industries profiles including Multirib and Maxispan, giving architects options to hit the brief on both looks and performance. It has already been specified on a number of local commercial buildings, including Roofing Industries’ new factories in Blenheim and Hamilton.

A smart, cost-effective roofing and cladding system, DRI-CLAD will bring long-term performance and a welcome reduction in material, installation and maintenance costs to your commercial projects.

To learn how DRI-CLAD can be used on your project, contact Roofing Industries.

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