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True Oak Corrugate Preserves Historic Appeal of Repurposed Hangar

A 1939 air force hangar at Catalina Bay, Hobsonville Point has been transformed into a craft brewery, beer hall and eatery, with a 1300m² mezzanine level to accommodate offices above.

The building features a 27m high lightweight steel roof truss system, which leaves the interior free of supporting posts; a feature initially designed for the large planes that were accommodated in the space. For the refurbishment, the building has been sensitively stripped back to allow for asbestos removal, while preserving this unique hangar structure.

For the exterior cladding, Project Architect, Simon McLean of Cheshire Architects Ltd. chose Roofing Industries True Oak Corrugate in Magnaflow .55BM. Featuring a rounder and deeper corrugate profile, the cladding fulfilled the need to provide visual and historic appeal. Suitable for both commercial and residential cladding projects, True Oak Corrugate is particularly fitting for recladding of historic buildings.

The predominant colour for the cladding is New Denim Blue, interlaced with “stripes” of Slate Blue – a nod to the striped military greys once used as camouflage by seaplanes to avoid radar detection from above. The True Oak profile was also specified for the hangar’s roofing, with wider grey and blue stripes creating a striking look which will be visible from the sky.

Accuracy of the lay was extremely important to ensure the striping effect was achieved. The bull-nosed sheeting to both sides of the building was installed 100mm proud of the vertical cladding below, ensuring best waterflow. Tasked with installing the True Oak Roofing and cladding, roofers Project Unite worked meticulously to achieve the design, taking special care to achieve perfectly lined up corrugations with colour-coordinated stripes.

The final result has been well worth the effort, with the eye-catching True Oak Corrugate cladding and roofing providing the performance of a modern system, while preserving the building’s historic appeal.

Mike Sentch, Managing Director of Project Unite says that Roofing Industries provided superb service to his team and acknowledges the role collaboration between roofers, construction crew and suppliers has played in the project. “When a collaborative approach is taken by all those involved in a contract, a favourable outcome results”.

Architect: Cheshire Architects Ltd
Contractor: L T McGuiness Auckland Ltd
Roofing and Cladding Installer: Project Unite
Roofing and Cladding Supplier: Roofing Industries

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