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Can Quarrycast Baths and Basins Be Painted?

Quarrycast is made from finely ground volcanic limestone mixed with resin. As a stone-rich alternative to both cast iron and acrylic, it is 100% one piece, hand finished and packed with naturally desirable properties.

Painting Process:

  1. First rub down surface with a fine abrasive paper to form a key. Wipe down thoroughly to remove any dust before applying paint.
  2. If the bath requires feet, use a pencil to mark the outline of each foot on the bath. Important: Do not paint over this area as it could result in poor adhesion and possible failure.
  3. Following the paint manufacturer's instructions, apply the paint to the bath. Robertson recommends two topcoats. Use a smaller roller or brush, applying paint in a random fashion so as not to create paint lines.
  4. If the feet need to be painted, follow the above procedure using a small brush or spray paint instead of a roller. Contrasting colours can look particularly attractive. As noted before, do not paint the inside of the feet as it could result in poor adhesion and possible failure.
  5. To finish, depending on the type of paint used, apply a coat of water or oil-based matt varnish to add further protection. This is however, not essential.
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