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From the Roaring 20s to Wild Style: New Wallpapers from Resene

The Resene Agathe Wallpaper Collection combines optimism and colour explosions, with an exotic touch. This collection inspired by the 1920s brings together an eclectic style, with a positive look to the future, combining different styles and art movements.

Resene Amazonia Wallpaper Collection is full of tropical lush vistas populated with exotic animals claim centre stage in this special range. It’s wild style at its best! Bold and vibrant designs as well as some uber cool elements in the form of abstract-faces and retro wallpaper. Many animals have evolved to blend into their natural habitat so it’s not surprising that animal prints work well with furniture made from wood and natural materials such as rattan, earth toned paint colours and Resene Colorwood wood stains.

Resene Folies Wallpaper Collection allows you to experience the Roaring Twenties and be engulfed by the magical atmosphere of the Folies Bergère with this luxurious wallpaper collection. This is a collection bursting with joie de vivre, sleek geometrical prints and wallcoverings focused on flowers and plants.

Resene Utopia Wallpaper Collection encourages you to strap yourself in for a ‘tour de force’ range filled with big personality, a blend of exciting papers designed to create wow and conversation. Cheetah print, zebra kaleidoscope, lush plantation, parrots wearing crowns, chameleons with top hats and bush babies wearing a monocle. These designs are conversation starters.

Just like you would test a paint with a Resene testpot, clients should also test a wallpaper. Order a sample through a Resene ColorShop and view it during the day and after dark to see how the lighting changes the way it looks. If no samples are available, prop the wallpaper book on a small table against the wall and move it around. Remember to always view the wallpaper vertically not horizontally to see how it will look once hung on the wall.

Large patterns tend to work best on larger feature areas and uncluttered walls that are viewed at a distance. As you move closer to the design, you can then appreciate the smaller details.

Check lighting if you are changing the depth of colour or the texture on walls. Metallic wallpapers are reflective, so direct light may make them glary and lose their subtle good looks. Textured papers, by contrast, will absorb light.

Top tip: New wallpapers are released regularly — see the full range at Resene ColorShops or get a taste of new collections at

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