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November 2011

Resene Total Colour Rising Star Award Winner –Kate Andrews for Skyscraper and Connectivity

The mixed-use skyscraper, positioned in downtown Auckland, focuses on elements which make the high-rise more connective by making it more integrated and interactive with its users and surroundings. The overall design moves away from the contextual and social norms traditionally associated with large buildings.

Humanising an oversized building, the façade is comprised of a series of coloured vertical louvers, which can be controlled by the people occupying the accompanying space. Each set of three opaque glass louvres is coloured with Resene colours so that when pieced together the entire façade creates a constantly changing vibrant display for the downtown area. Inspired by nature, earthy colours reside near the ground and gradually fade to blues higher up the tower, almost dematerialising the building as it rises. The massive building is broken up through the use of colour and the changeable nature giving the massive building a more human aspect.

The exterior colour concept is reflected internally within the building. The colour theme continues through to screening devices in residential neighbourhoods™ and statement making feature walls in commercial areas. The colour varies throughout the high-rise depending on the position of the floor in the tower. This building demonstrates a brave move by inserting colour and life into built up urban areas and contributes in creating a better living environment for its inhabitants.

The concept is sophisticated and the colour palette shows a hugely mature understanding of the colour palette with the use of a wide variety of colours that work both together and in contrast.

The use of a Resene colour palette developed with glass adds luminosity and excitement; the colours have a character of their own. It is alive and exciting. The colours reflect and further develop the palette, it is dematerialising the skyscraper as it rises, as it goes from earth to sky the colours reinforce the lines and forms of the architectural structure.

The colour is the building.

Architectural Specifier: Kate Andrew

Colours Used: Resene Dark Crimson, Resene Desperado, Resene Gold Drop, Resene Half Baked, Resene Hawaiian Tan, Resene Lightning Yellow, Resene Magnum, Resene Marathon

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