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February 2012

O.C. Design Wins the Resene Total Colour Commercial Exterior Award

The palette challenges the common use of neutral tones.  In deliberate contrast from the neutral colour combinations of the other existing eight units, this dynamic colour scheme showcases the company’s creative individualism by interpreting current colour trends in a unique innovative way.

The existing cladding provided a natural inspiration for horizontal stripes along both sides of the studio.  The Resene colours selected have also been incorporated in the company’s graphics creating visual balance.

The exterior is like a pair of candy striped socks.  The colours are beautifully matched to each other.  The colour scheme is innovative, as most would have opted for just one or two colours, but they have successfully used multiple colours in a small space.

The use of the orange on the cantilever roof is immensely clever, it says ‘right this is the top of the building, this is where we stop’.

The exterior is cheeky.  Painted neutral you wouldn’t have looked at twice before, but now suddenly the colour has completely transformed how you interact with this space.   The colour palette resonates with everyone in a different way.

Colours Used: Resene Black White, Resene Deep South, Resene Escape, Resene Fuel Yellow, Resene Whizz Bang

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