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Get The Range Fashion Fandeck 2020 from Resene

The latest Resene fashion colours collection brings together nearly 100 new colours with a selection of top Resene wood stains, whites and neutrals and on trend and popular colours drawn from other Resene colour collections. The collection includes trends for 2019, 2020 and beyond.

Modern life is often viewed through a camera lens, with people framing their different personalities for the world. The resulting influence on design trends can be seen in the rise of fun, exciting and highly personalised choices that are pure self-expression, whether it’s in pops of bright colour or unexpected matches of colour and texture.

The ever-present cameras in our lives have encouraged the use of layers of similar toned colours in our designs. They photograph beautifully, ensuring the space appears multi-dimensional and impressive. No longer are designers tied to base neutrals in white or cream. Instead, they're using layered shades of blue, green, grey, peach and blush.

Evolution is key in design trends. Most people don’t suddenly flip from stark white minimalism to painting the new bold brick reds overnight. It’s an incremental process.

As communities galvanise over shared causes, design trends go bolder, with true reds, stormy blues and aubergines with a dark twist.

The antithesis of this is the yearning for a calm haven from the chaos outside the front door, resulting in the trend for mid-neutrals in grey-greens or charcoal blues.

To help clients incorporate new decorating and colour trends into their projects, Resene has also released the new habitat plus – decorating and colour trends booklet, available in hard copy. Simply email [email protected] with your postal address to order a copy or pop into any Resene ColorShop. If you need extra copies for clients, you are welcome to order or pick up multiple copies. The aim is to give ideas that encourage clients to be braver with their colour and decorating choices, while still being realistic enough that you could imagine them in a project.

View more on colour trends on the Resene websiteorder the latest fandeck online or view it at a local Resene ColorShop.

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