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125 New Hues with the New Resene The Range 24 Collection

The new Resene The Range fashion collection is packed with 175 on-trend colours that have been curated to carry you through to 2024 and beyond. The collection features double the new hues that are normally included in a Resene fashion fandeck, with 125 new colours to fall in love with — designed in line with short and long range forecasting.

Green remains on the scene

Our renewed respect for nature and strong desire to bring its healing effects to our built forms has made green both popular and useful for reducing stress levels in our designed spaces.

Likely to be the hue that best defines the decade, something that's rather interesting and unique from a colour forecasting perspective is just how many variations of green are trending at once.

While you're pretty much free to pick any green you please and still be safely on trend, the hues currently leading the pack primarily fall into three main categories: mid-range nettle and olive greens like Resene Seaweed and Resene Off The Grid, darker forest greens like Resene Top Notch, Resene Rolling Hills and Resene Welcome and paler celery and sage greens like Resene Springtime, Resene Transcend and Resene Wabi Sabi. Vivid chartreuse and peridot yellow-greens like Resene Wellywood and Resene Staycation are also getting a foothold as major statement hues, and classic Kelly greens like Resene Aloe Vera aren't far behind on the trend horizon.

Pastels persist

Despite the overwhelming popularity of pastels we've been seeing over the past two years, new cooler, crystalline variations, such as Resene White Noise, Resene Contented, Resene Infused, Resene Morning Haze, Resene New Day, feel somewhat refreshing by contrast. As we look to break free from the fatigue of the pandemic, these updated versions of colours that started as being representations of the past have become the embodiment of futurism.

For projects where you need to keep the look grounded, today's popular pastels best serve as an accent hue — especially as a way of balancing and offsetting some of the bolder and more dramatic trending colours.

Citrus hues squeeze through

During periods of social discomfort and economic downturn, it's normal for colour trends to take sharper shifts. Instead of seeing the logical progression of a popular hue warming up, cooling down or taking on a new undertone, more drastic changes happen quickly and surprising new hues emerge out of the ether.

For instance, we're about to see quite a few citrus-inspired hues as ripe lemon yellows like Resene Light Fantastic and Resene I Dare You and zesty oranges like Resene Liquid Gold and Resene Kombucha have become showstoppers on the runway and are soon to trickle into interior décor. While softer yellows and dusty bitter oranges have made brief appearances as trending colours for a season here and there, it has been a good three to five years since bold yellows and oranges have received as much attention as they're seeing now.

Though it can be a challenge to work large swathes into an interior effectively, they make tremendously effective feature colours for exterior doors and highlighting unique architectural details.

Statement hues stealing the show

Vibrant Klein blues, rich ultramarines and lighter ceruleans such as Resene Wet N Wild, Resene Aviator, Resene Skylight and Resene Idyllic and the new Resene Beyond the Sea colour palette are also top picks — and these colours already have a foothold in the fashion and décor markets. As these hues demand attention, it's best to support them with more recessive pairings that leave them space to shine such as soft blacks, duck egg blues, silver greys and lavish reds like Resene Black Sand, Resene Duck Egg Blue, Resene Aoraki and Resene Incarnadine with a touch of red hot Resene Rudolph.

Hot, lipstick pinks like Resene Temptation have also emerged on the runway, so we're likely to see hints of this hue slowly making its way into furniture and décor later in the year. For a brave client, this colour would make a chic combination with stylish scarlets like Resene Amped and a midnight blue like Resene Indian Ink. Or keep it classic by teaming it with Resene Times Square and Resene Black White as part of a high contrast look.

Red heats up

Although red hasn't had a prominent place in our colour trend forecasts for nearly five years — with brick reds and terracotta being the notable exceptions — there is plenty of indication that both vibrant show-stopping reds like Resene Roadster and deep purple-tinged reds like Resene Pandemonium will be returning to décor over the next six to twelve months.

Salted caramel drizzles in

With the enthusiasm for nature-inspired looks and colours yanked from the 70s that have played a role in design trends, earthy browns like Resene Otter, Resene Domino and Resene Allspice have been trending throughout the pandemic. These hues originally arose from our returned focus on self-care and nostalgia for the 'good old days' and were a welcome shift after two decades of cool greys being the preferred neutral. Though these browns will remain relevant for some time, variations are emerging that are taking on stronger yellow tones.

Rich and gooey Resene Salted Caramel is the key one to watch and is likely to be a popular accent hue for those that want to stick to a fairly neutral palette as well as those who want to embrace the arrival of the new bright bolds. Use it with brick reds, espresso brown and slipper pinks like Resene Savour, Resene Scoria, Resene Rebel, Resene Soul Searcher and Resene Contented, or as an excellent complement to nettle and sage greens or golden yellows like Resene Seaweed and Resene Field Day or Resene Daylight.

Dusted blues are renewed

When discussing colour trends, you can't deny the perennial popularity of certain hues. Whether dusted, coastal and duck egg blues are recognisably present in the forecast doesn't mean that they're not relevant as these classic colours are always going to be client-pleasing choices. However, blues like Resene Duck Egg Blue, Resene Baring Head, Resene Watermark and Resene Carpe Noctem have also found their place among trending fashion hues — and they have brought a few glassier versions like Resene New Day, Resene Morning Haze and Resene Infused along with them.

Whether your blue-loving clients prefer their hues to be cool and greyed, warmer with hints of green and yellow in their undertones or bold and daring, the expanse of on-trend options signals that it's very possible that we'll see blues take over as the dominant trending colour family once greens have finally had their day.

Order swatches of the Resene The Range fashion colours free online (make sure you register and log in as an approved specifier first).

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