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Turn On Lights with Wall Paint with Resene SmartTouch

While most think that paint is all about the colour, paints these days can do so much more. New Resene SmartTouch is a conductive coating that can be used to switch lights on and off with a series of taps.

Rather than trying to reach a small switch, the wall can become the switch. Ideal for areas such as hallways, open plan living, garages and bedrooms. No more stumbling around in the dark trying to find the light switch — people can simply tap the first part of the wall they touch to switch on the lights. Resene SmartTouch is also handy where there are mobility limitations as the basecoat coating can cover large parts of the wall to enable tall and short, young and old to turn on the lights, even if they can't easily reach the light switch.

Best of all, once the paint system is complete, the finished area looks like normal. And if desired, the switch plate can be placed in a more inconspicuous area as it will only be needed as a backup.

The system includes basecoats of Resene SmartTouch conductive coating, which is connected to the switch plate, and then finishing in a choice of Resene paint or wallpaper. Resene SpaceCote is usually recommended as an easy clean option.

So next time clients look at their nicely coloured walls, designers can remind them of the things they could do… from reflecting U.V. light (Resene CoolColour), to providing a magnetic (Resene Magnetic Magic) or whiteboard surface (Resene Write-on Wall Paint), glowing in the dark (Resene FX Nightlight), absorbing unwanted toxins (Resene products, such as Resene SpaceCote Low Sheen and Resene ClinicalCote, formulated with formaldehyde abatement technology) and now, helping to switch lights on and off.

Resene SmartTouch is available for ordering from Resene ColorShops.

Watch the Resene SmartTouch video to see how it works.

View more information on Resene, including contact details.
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