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Interactive Resene Finishes Engage Young and Old Alike

It wasn’t so long ago that paint finishes were just a pretty colour to look at. Now paint finishes can do so much more, providing everything from conductive surfaces to interactive ones, all adding to educational environments by expanding teaching beyond devices onto broadwalls.

Interactive finishes encourage students to use the wall space for ideas, inspiration and artwork, without damaging the wall finish. From the more traditional blackboard style finishes, such as Resene FX Blackboard Paint (available in black) and Resene FX Chalkboard (available in a range of colours), writable wall surfaces also include a whiteboard option with Resene FX Write-on Wall Paint. This is a clear finish that can be painted onto an existing Resene coloured topcoat. Instead of a white whiteboard which shows up every mark you can have one in a colour that fits in with the school’s chosen colour palette.

As well as what can be immediately seen on the surface, it’s what lies below that is important too. Basecoats of Resene FX Magnetic Magic applied to walls then topcoated provide expanses of magnetic walls that can be used as a giant noticeboard, without the danger of drawing pins, or they can be used for play with younger students with images and letters placed onto magnets that can be moved around to suit the desired learning outcomes.

STEAM encourages students to explore science, technology, engineering, maths and arts, learnings that can all be easily applied to paint finishes. Resene SmartTouch conductive technology painted onto a surface then topcoated, allows students to interact with the wall — tap twice to turn lights off or on. Organisations such as Capital E are harnessing the power of Resene SmartTouch conductive technology with children to encourage them to experience spaces in new ways.

Moving into the visual realm, Resene FilmPro is a range of set paints, including digital green — a key component for student video projects where a green screen option is required.

Careful colour selection not only welcomes staff, students and the community to school, it can also assist with wayfinding, making it easier for them to find their way around and instantly recognise common facilities as they appear around the school.

From non-skid finishes to vibrant colours that can bring out the best of a school design without breaking the budget, Resene has an extensive range of products ideal for school projects inside and out including a huge range of Environmental Choice low odour finishes. To help specifiers and school choose the right products for their projects Resene offers free specifier and school services.

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