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Lime Wash Finish Showcased in Scandinavian-Inspired Home

Interior Stylist and blogger Michelle Halford, also known as The Design Chaser, has a passion for Scandinavian-inspired design — something that is evident from the light, bright classic-Scandi look of her home. For a recent revamp of the home’s second living room, Michelle explored a moodier aesthetic, opting for muted colours to create a cosy yet sophisticated space.

The starting point for the project was a plush grey-green velvet sofa — part of a design collaboration with BoConcept. Michelle wanted to complement the sofa with a textured greige wall and opted for Porter’s Paints Interno Lime Wash in Grey Pepper to create the look she wanted.

Porter’s Paints Interno Lime Wash is a unique lime-based coating for interiors that replicates the soft weathered patina of a traditional lime wash. “I love the look of that lime wash,” says Michelle. “My inspiration often comes from Scandinavia and in recent years we’ve seen a lot of that finish in that part of the world.”

It was important for Michelle to get the right level of texture for the walls. “I tried to find a nice balance,” she says. “I wanted something subtle and not too textural as the sofa already has a more moody feel.” With Interno Lime Wash available in any Porter’s colour to suit project requirements, she was able to test different samples against the sofa to find the right finish and colour. Ultimately, she chose the full strength option in the warm greige colour, Grey Pepper.

Application of the specialist finish was completed by Mandy Heasley (also known as Mandy The Painter), a member of the Porter’s Paints Applicators Guild. Using a special lime wash brush, Mandy was able to achieve the subtle tone variations of a traditional lime wash, resulting in a beautiful finish that adds depth and texture.

The finished lounge is a cosy and luxurious space, with the lime wash walls adding a soft, textured look. “It all comes together really nicely — the sofa, wall, and also the curtains, which I matched to the paint colour for a warm, tonal effect,” says Michelle. “The lime wash Grey Pepper is the perfect combination of the greige colour and lime wash texture. I’m so happy with the finish, I’m now considering using it in the bedroom adjacent to the living room.”

Styling by Michelle Halford
Photography by Kirsty Dawn

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Lime Wash Finish Showcased in Scandinavian-Inspired Home
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