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Bespoke Finishing Brings Warmth and Flair to Riverside Market

The Riverside Market is a new 3,500m² market in central Christchurch that brings fresh food stalls, boutique stores and eateries together under one roof. Taking inspiration from central markets found overseas, the interior is filled with an eclectic mix of furnishings, textures and finishes, including beautiful textured walls that were hand painted using Porter’s Paints.

“We wanted the aesthetic and offering to be like nothing else in Christchurch and possibly even unique to New Zealand,” says Georgie Inglis, Interior Designer, Kirkcaldie Interiors. “We wanted to create something authentic, with warmth and lots of textures, layers and interest, so you can walk around and every corner you turn there’s something happening — a different finish or texture, but with an overarching cohesion with all the colours.”

Georgie worked closely with painter Brendan Ryan and Porter’s Paints to really bring this vision to life. The organic nature of the Porter’s finishes, custom colour options and application possibilities were central to creating the unique finishes required. “I really like Porter’s colours and finishes and the patina they give,” she says. “And then being able to work with Brendan who has worked with Porter’s for over 30 years — he was integral because he was the one who was going to make it look authentic.”

“The starting point was a photo that I took in Italy about 10 years ago of a wall above a market in a little village,” says Georgie. “The colours were just beautiful.” The photo inspired the 40m-long mural wall on the upper level — a focal point of the design which features a beautiful clock salvaged from the Christchurch railway station and a detailed mural that recreates the organic look of aged clay tiles.

The standard plasterboard wall was transformed by Brendan through an elaborate process of painting, plastering and sanding using a combination of Porter’s Lime Wash and plaster mixed with oxides to create the aged patina and muted organic colours. “It’s very bespoke, but that shows what you can do with Porter’s when you’ve got the knowledge and experience that Brendan has.”

This ability to create custom finishes is showcased throughout the market. In one corner, a geometric pattern has been created using a combination of Porter’s Lime Wash, paint and plaster to create a creamy mottled look — and there’s even a triangle left exposed, revealing the detail of the base coat. In other areas, different applications of Porter’s Lime Wash have produced different textures; a thick brush gives pops of colours in sweeping strokes for eatery walls, while elsewhere a ragging technique provides a more dynamic texture.

The authentic look of the finishes is complemented by careful selection of recycled, upcycled and vintage furnishings including windows, furniture items and light fittings — often salvaged from earthquake-damaged buildings. Many of these items have been given a custom finish with Porter’s Paints, providing a cohesive look.

The overall effect is a collection of colours, textures and finishes that come together to create a dynamic and welcoming space. “I really love the space inside, it’s warm, interesting and unique,” says Georgie. “The success of the Riverside Market is a combination of the offering, the tenants and the aesthetic. Since the earthquake the city hadn’t gotten on its feet, I think it’s been a real turning point in bringing the city alive.”

Project: Riverside Market
Concept Architecture: Creative Studios
Architecture and Engineering: Kirk Roberts
Interior Designer: Kirkcaldie Interiors
Painter: Brendan Ryan
Porter’s Paints products: Porter’s French Wash, Porter’s Ultra Flat Acrylic, Porter’s Lime Wash, Porter’s Liquid Copper Patina Green
Predominant Porter's colours used: Himalayan Salt, Scorched Almond, Tumeric, Hot Ginger
Porter's Lime Wash colour: Scorched Almond

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