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Embrace a New Era of Extraction with Schweigen Silent Rangehoods

With an inspired design and innovative technology, Schweigen silent rangehoods provide restaurant-quality extraction that’s both efficient and silent. For those who have been put off rangehoods in the past due to their noisy nature, Schweigen solves the issue by removing the motor from the hood and installing it outside the home, ensuring silent extraction in the kitchen.

Designed to look great in any kitchen thanks to European-inspired design, Schweigen silent rangehoods feature the highly-efficient German Isodrive Motor, which uses all its energy for extraction, rather than pushing air up against gravity. This allows the rangehood to focus all its power on removing large volumes of cooking steam, smoke, grease and odours from the kitchen silently, while protecting other appliances and home furnishings from grease build-up.

Schweigen’s patented solution takes the fan and motor out of the rangehood canopy and moves them both as far away as possible. The unique housing with an exclusive anti-water intrusion system allows the fan and motor to be fixed to the roof, under the eaves or to an external wall. There, the small amount of noise they do generate will vent out into the atmosphere where it will blend with the natural, ambient noise.

IsoDrive motors are also super energy-efficient. Because the system is vented directly into the atmosphere, the air is pulled through the system rather than pushed, so there is significantly less resistance to the airflow. Traditional systems use around 190 watts or more to develop enough suction; the IsoDrive 650 motor runs on just 62 watts.

Boasting a wide range of premium styles and designs, Schweigen has a silent rangehood to suit all kitchen needs. In just three simple steps, designers and their clients can choose the right rangehood for any project. 

  • Step 1: Choose the rangehood: Depending on the kitchen, select the style and size that are relative to the cooking area.
  • Step 2: Choose the IsoDrive motor: The motor selection depends on the level of suction wanted from the rangehood. This relates to the type of food cooked and the amount of actual cooking the clients do. A rangehood with sufficient power will ensure that all smoke, steam and odours are removed from the kitchen.
  • Step 3: Choose where the IsoDrive motor will be mounted: Depending on the size of the motor chosen, the IsoDrive motors can be mounted on roofs, walls and eaves.

Schweigen silent rangehoods also feature:

  • NZ Sales and In-Home Service
  • German-made motors
  • 10-year motor warranty
  • Ducting kit included
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