Ozone + Hydraulic Patch Closer

with Metro Frameless Glass08 April 2013


The base of the Ozone Hydraulic Patch is mounted directly to the floor, making it very simple to install and a more cost-effective, less labour-intensive option. Direct floor mounting removes the need for pre-setting or creating messy concrete dust by cutting concrete to allow for cumbersome floor boxes, in either single or multi-storey buildings, a process which can weaken the slab.

The Ozone Hydraulic Patch has multiple adjustments and settings and conforms to international standards for fire and safety. It also meets the ISO 9001 standard for its quality management system.

This innovative door-closing fitting is a versatile solution.


Product features and benefits:

  • Low operating force valve for easy and effortless door closing and opening (easy access for children)
  • Conforms to EN standards for internal and external use (pool gate only)
  • Worldwide Patented Technology
  • Durability-500,000 Cycles Tested
  • Compliance With EN 1154
  • Does not require any floor spring to move the door
  • Does not need any pre-set cavity dug in the floor
  • Can be simply installed by drilling just 4 holes in the floor
  • Ensures no dust / water accumulation under the door or below floor sprint plates
  • No leaking of grease or oil around door area
  • Ensuring a germ and bacteria environment (hospitals and restaurants) 
  • Extremely useful in places requiring regular floor washing (food processing plants alike)
  • Varied applications in wet and dry areas of your home or business
  • Ideal solution also for temporary or rented offices as it can be easily uninstalled without damaging the floor
  • Provides complete designing freedom
  • ZERO maintenance cost
  • Maximum door weight: Max 100kg
  • Maximum door width: 750~1000mm
  • Suitable door thickness: 8~13mm tempered glass
  • Adjustable base plate (image attached)
      ±3mm backward and forward
      ±3mm left and right, and
      ±4° alignment adjustment
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