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Mix and Match Profiles with Nu-Wall’s Trusted Aluminium Cladding System

Nu-Wall is a non-combustible aluminium cladding system that has been designed and tested to meet New Zealand Building Code requirements. The system features 21 low maintenance cladding profiles with integrated flashings which have undergone independent facade testing and are BRANZ appraised for horizontal and vertical installation.

Manufactured and supplied in New Zealand for over 32 years, Nu-Wall is a trusted cladding option that offers excellent advantages for residential and commercial buildings.

Low maintenance

Made of thick extruded aluminium, Nu-Wall cladding is extremely low maintenance and does not exhibit oil canning. The boards carry an impressive 100-year warranty against corrosion and cracking, with coating warranties of up to 20 years available. This makes Nu-Wall ideal for medium-density and commercial projects where building owners want to minimise ongoing maintenance costs.

Made in NZ from 80% recycled aluminium

All Nu-Wall cladding is manufactured in New Zealand from NZ-sourced aluminium — with 80% - 100% of each board made with recycled aluminium. In fact, Nu-Wall are so dedicated to using recycled aluminium that their manufacturing partner’s plant has its very own recycling smelter. With the remelt process using just 5% of the energy and 2% of the emissions of virgin aluminium, Nu-Wall is an environmentally-conscious cladding choice.

Endless creative design options

Nu-Wall cladding is available in lengths up to 8.3m. All Nu-Wall profiles have the same common connection detail and thickness meaning architects can mix and match from a choice of 21 compatible cladding profiles to create unique facades. Combining boards of different profiles can add dimension, with a range of looks possible — from subtle randomisation to curved walls.

In addition, Nu-Wall cladding is available in an infinite choice of colours and coatings, including the option of running a colour renderisation to create a planking patina — ideal for adding texture and breaking up large areas.

Backed by technical design support

The Nu-Wall team loves a challenge and can work with architects to bring their vision to life. “When architects want to try something unique, we can do a one on one consultation to discuss options for mixing colours and profiles,” says Glen Tasker, Nu-Wall. “We’ll work around the client brief and examples and share ideas of how we might achieve it.”

And when it comes to compliance of more complex mix-and-match designs, the Nu-Wall team is there to review details, offer alternative suggestions and provide a supporting letter for council to assist in the consenting process.

To find out more about Nu-Wall’s low maintenance cladding systems, view the Nu-Wall catalogue or contact Nu-Wall

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