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Mammoth: A Modern, Versatile and Safe Insulation Choice

Mammoth thermal and acoustic insulation is 100% polyester and made in New Zealand. It is the modern choice in creating a more energy efficient, healthier internal environment. Fire safety and performance is an important component for construction materials, giving reassurance and peace of mind to the building owner for the safety of the occupants inside.

Health and safety of the people handling the products as well as the occupants of the finished internal environment was a significant driving force behind the product development for Mammoth, and in particular the fibre choice. Once their products were perfected, they had some of them tested.

The following Mammoth NOVAhush insulation products were tested to ISO 9705 with Group 1-S fire rating:

  • Panel Absorber 35-50 (black face)
  • Panel Absorber 35-50 (black)
  • Panel Absorber 40-100
  • Acoustic Ceiling Tile

The following Mammoth NOVAhush insulation products received Group 1-S via BRANZ assessment:

  • Carpark Panel
  • Acoustic Blanket 580
  • Acoustic Blanket 750
  • Acoustic Blanket 900
  • Bafflestack (1000g/m²)
  • Duct Wrap/Liner (350g/m²)
  • Underfloor Blanket (900g/m²)

Group 1-S is important as it is a strong indication that the product is not going to cause a 'flashover' or significantly contribute in an event of a fire, providing sufficient time for occupants to evacuate.

Mammoth products are also a sustainable choice and include the following benefits:

  • Made using recycled plastic bottles (from waste to warmth) 
  • Manufactured by InsulPro, a carboNZero certified organisation who operate a near zero waste production process (all manufacturing off-cuts are re-shredded and re-processed)
  • All Mammoth products are Red List Free
  • Specific Mammoth products hold Environmental Choice license
  • Environmental Choice accredited products can be used toward Greenstar and Homestar environments
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