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Metrotile’s Modular Roofing System Helps Deliver Affordable Housing

Keeping projects on schedule is never easy and one missed milestone can quickly snowball. These inefficiencies lead to costs. To make housing affordable it’s important that the project runs smoothly. This article will look at how Metrotile’s pressed metal tiles can help with project efficiency, maximising resources, transport and space, and the lifetime value of a project.

In a country like New Zealand where construction is at the mercy of the weather, Metrotile’s pressed metal tiles can help keep projects on track as they can be installed in windier conditions than long-run and for most residential roofs they can be installed in the wet.

Roofers are generally quicker than a builder at getting around a roof. That’s why Metrotile roofers paper and batten roofs, removing the need for a builder to install purlins and allowing them to get on with other work elsewhere on the project. This maximises resources, and increases build productivity and savings.

As housing intensifies, building sites are becoming cramped, with access and storage space at a premium. Keeping pathways free and the site-safe is important to prevent the efficiency of the site being impacted. With Metrotile, the roof for an average-sized house can be provided on one pallet. This makes it ideal for remote or difficult to access spaces, reducing transport costs and keeping the site free of obstacles. The whole roof can be installed in one go, with no need for an on-site pre-measure, additional offsite manufacturing time or additional time to measure and order flashings, meaning the construction team can get the scaffolding down sooner.

Metrotile offers 10 profiles and a vast range of colours that can dramatically change the look of development, providing variety and avoiding having a repetitive look. With a class A fire rating they are also well suited to projects with intertenancy firewalls.

Metrotile not only delivers affordability upfront but delivers lifetime value. Tested and proven in extreme conditions across the globe, Metrotile roofs have earned the highest possible fire and impact resistance hail ratings and come backed with a 50 Year warranty. Manufactured locally by Ross Roof Group a New Zealand owned business, run by a family with over 75 years of experience in New Zealand roofing, Metrotile roofs deliver value today and throughout the lifetime of an affordable housing project.

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Metrotile’s Modular Roofing System Helps Deliver Affordable Housing
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