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Billi Coloured Levered Dispensers and Space Saving Technology

The client required a boiling and chilled water system for an area frequented by people with poor vision. In addition, the system would need to be compact as there was limited space the unit could fit into.

As part of the Billi range, Merquip are able to offer the option of a coloured XL levered dispenser. These non-standard coloured levers provide full vision safety, where LED indicators cannot be seen. There is also an option of braille pads. These can be supplied with the coloured XL levered dispenser to provide further safety to vision impaired users. The braille pads can also be used with the chrome and special coloured dispenser options. This is an ideal solution for NZ's ageing population.

Another aspect of this installation was the limited space available in the freestanding cupboard. This is where Billi’s water cooled technology and size comes into its own.

Billi units have no requirements for an air gap, and it is not uncommon for them to be installed up against the side of a cupboard. Another of the additional benefits of a water cooled unit is that ventilation of the cupboard is not required. This means the carcass and cupboard doors maintain the integrity of the designers all in one look.

With an ever growing focus on space saving, Billi's units are often less than half the size of comparable products, allowing designers to make the most of the valuable under cupboard area.

So whether a project requires the designer to look at the needs of vision impaired users, the limits of cupboard space or how to maintain the aesthetics of the design without vent holes, Billi has the solutions.

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