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New Billi OmniOne Boiling, Chilled and Sparkling Drinking Water System

In the dynamic landscape of modern living, where convenience and functionality intertwine seamlessly with style, the kitchen has become the heart of the home.

One of the standout features of Billi water systems is the boiling, chilled and sparkling filtered drinking water at the touch of a tap. This instant accessibility to purified water redefines the way we approach hydration in our daily lives. No more waiting for water to cool in the refrigerator or boiling on the stove — Billi brings the convenience of refreshing water directly to your glass.

Billi goes a step further by introducing the new OmniOne model, delivering boiling, chilled and sparkling water all from the one unit. This groundbreaking technology brings forth a new era in culinary convenience, while optimising cupboard space in a way that was once thought impossible.

Billi emerges as the epitome of innovation and convenience, redefining the standards for filtered water solutions in residential spaces.

Key differentiators that set Billi apart:

  • Billi’s OmniOne model delivers innovative technology and provides unparalleled convenience, catering to various hydration and culinary needs in a single underbench unit.
  • Billi's commitment to sustainability goes beyond energy efficiency. By providing an alternative to single-use plastic bottles through instant chilled and sparkling water, Billi contributes to reducing environmental impact, resonating with environmentally-conscious clients
  • Billi recognises that different clients have unique requirements. The company offers customisable solutions, allowing clients to choose the features that best suit their needs. This commitment to customisation ensures that Billi's products seamlessly integrate into various settings.
  • Billi water systems are particularly well-suited for use in residential kitchens due to a combination of innovative features, design considerations, and practical advantages that enhance the overall kitchen experience. Billi’s water systems are designed with a compact and space-efficient footprint, making them ideal for integration into residential kitchens where space may be limited.

The stylish appearance of Billi taps adds an element of sophistication to residential kitchens, complementing contemporary design trends and enhancing the overall visual appeal of the space.

Billi Water Systems offer a range of temperature options, including boiling, chilled, still, and sparkling water. This versatility caters to the diverse needs and preferences of both homeowners and office spaces. 

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