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Masons Wrap-Around Systems Keep Buildings Dry

Masons is one of NZ's largest suppliers of products that keep building frames nice and dry. From the frame out, the Masons wrap-around system consists of building wraps, strapping, window flashing tape, DPC and more — all the way to cladding systems.

Product Performance and Workability a Top Priority

"How a product performs on site during installation and after is extremely important and must be considered when specifying," says Trent Mason, Director at Masons. Trent started his working career on the tools himself and knows from experience what the expectations are.

Window Flashing Tape Example

Bituminous window flashing tapes have a tar backing and have been widely used for many years, however they have a few downsides. They don't stick in wet weather conditions or when the temperature is lower than 5°C — common conditions here in New Zealand. Builders have to wait for a dry day, buy additional $50 spray adhesive and use heat guns for the tar backing to stick. And then they could still return to site the next day to find it has come undone.

Having a Window Flashing Tape fail or underperform has huge waterproofing risks, and can fail council inspections. Bituminous tape is also 1-1.5mm thick. Having a window frame pack out a few mm on each side can cause issue when it comes time to fit the joinery in.

Last year Masons released 40 Below, a window flashing tape that sticks in all weather conditions up to -40°C and has a thickness of only 0.2mm, minimising fitting issues with the joinery.

The release was a huge success. The price was in the same category as the currently available Bituminous tapes — giving builders a superior product to work with whilst still being price-competitive in the market.

Product Development

Masons are constantly developing new products and reviewing existing ones. "Talking to builders on a daily basis assists us in developing our products or releasing new ones onto the market," says Trent. "They ask for it, we deliver!"

One Supplier

Masons are a key player in the pre-cladding and cladding industry. Beside the Wrap-Around System, Masons are the only pre-cladding supplier in New Zealand to also supply brick veneer strengthening (BrickTies and BrickLock) and cladding systems. Having one product supplier to deal with for products from the frame outwards is hugely beneficial.

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