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Added Strength and Security with Masons BrickLock

New Zealand is subject to seismic events, and therefore it is essential that brick veneer, which is a heavy-weight cladding, does not fail. BrickLock products are made from 4mm galvanised or stainless steel. They have been developed to strengthen brick veneer walls and fencing, making them excellent for areas that are prone to cracking or movement.

Like any system, bricks must be installed correctly to perform, which means relying on the ability of the bricklayer to do the job correctly; unfortunately that does not always happen. Specifying brick reinforcement in plans is a level of assurance well worth the small additional time and cost. It provides an additional level of security in holding the veneer together in an earthquake. It also plays a role in helping prevent cracking which could possibly occur due to a poor quality mortar.

Reinforcement is even more important when plastering a brick veneer. Without reinforcement, cracks that may appear in the mortar joints can be transferred through the plaster to the surface.

Masons BrickLock also comes as a corner reinforcement. Bonded brick corners provide significant strength to the structural performance of any brick veneer and BrickLock Corner takes this to a new level. It is recommended that users install BrickLock Corner at every sixth mortar course over the height of the veneer on external corners.

BrickLock should be considered an essential with stackbond brick layout patterns. Masons BrickLock comes in 2.0m lengths plus corners in both galvanised and stainless steel for sea spray zones. The product should be lapped 200mm and should not span across any control joints.

Masons also make quality earthquake heavy-duty brick ties. 

Article written by John Oliver, Building Consultant, Specialist in Veneer Construction, Author of John Oliver's Brick Book.

Masons are a member of the Brick and Block Layers Federation of New Zealand.

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