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Brick Veneer Strengthening for Seismic Performance

Masons, the company started decades ago, with the company director Trent Mason (a third generation AUS bricklayer) seeing the need for quality bricklaying products in New Zealand. The Masons brand has since been built into a “go-to” brand for bricklaying tools and products in New Zealand.

Masons Brick Strengthening Range

The brick reinforcement part of the product range consists of Earthquake Heavy-Duty rated BrickTies, available in four sizes in galvanised and stainless steel. Mason BrickTies are the only brick tie on the NZ market that has been tested and approved by CodeMark and adhere to a very high standard.

Masons, together with John Oliver, (author of John Oliver’s Brick Book) have brought to the market BrickLock 4mm, to strengthen brick veneer, walls and fences — an excellent product for areas that are prone to cracking or movement, such as above doors, windows and corners.

BrickLock products are manufactured in galvanised steel and stainless steel and available in corners and straights. BrickLock Corners are laid every 6th course, with alternate opposing corners. BrickLock Straights are laid every 8th course.

Plaster Over Brick Veneer

When plaster is applied over brick veneer, the need to prevent cracking is even higher. Here the use of BrickLock as added security is highly recommended. Using an acrylic flexible plaster like Masons FLX render, as compared to a cementitious render, will also assist in crack prevention.

Suitable for Steel & Timber Framing

Masons BrickTies are suitable for timber and with Tek screws for steel framing.

Specifying Masonry Reinforcing

Specifying brick veneer strengthening on plans is easy. Masons specifications can be downloaded from EBOSS or the Masons website. The specifications are also featured on Masterspec and Smartspec.

Training Sessions:
The Masons Account Managers are available to talk to specifiers about brick veneer strengthening. Please give Masons a call to book an appointment: 0800 522 533

View more information on Masons, including contact details.
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