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Secure Buildings from the Elements with Masons Barricade Weather Defense System

Weather has always posed a challenge for the construction industry, and these days that challenge is greater than ever. Add in materials supply shortages and the increasing need for site security, and your building project needs the best available defence against delays and cost overruns.

Masons’ Barricade Weather Defense System is a premium weather-resistive rigid air-barrier that protects residential and commercial buildings against the elements, and offers a reliable alternative in a market of short supply. In a near-complete build, it also contributes to site security against intruders.

The Barricade system combines all the benefits of a modern synthetic wall underlay — high resistance to water, air and UV — with all the best attributes of rigid wall underlay, such as wind- and earthquake-bracing units. It also provides 30-minute fire resistance rating for walls within a metre of the boundary, as tested by BRANZ.

"Barricade WD is a new hybrid product," says Masons’ Technical Manager Arthur Whitfield. "We are applying the techniques and benefits of a 'heavy' construction product system for use in residential and commercial building projects."

Once installed, the system allows for up to 150 days of work inside the building without the cladding needing to be in place. The weather-resistive rigid air barrier protects the interior from sun, wind and rain, allowing interior trades to continue uninterrupted, while also creating a lockable site to protect against theft. All of which adds up to a clear advantage over flexible wrap.

The three-part system comprises Masons’ 6mm fibre cement panels, Barricade Weather Defense self-adhesive barrier wrap, and flashing tapes for openings.

"The Barricade system requires less joint taping than competitor barrier systems," says Arthur. "Our system is different — instead of taping every joint, the wrap runs around the board and covers the joints."

This means Masons Barricade Weather Defense System requires less expensive flashing tape and inter-storey flashings than comparable systems, whilst offering full coverage of all fixings and board joins, providing an effective and continuous weather-resistive barrier.

Visit or call 0800 522 533 to be put through to your local Masons rep.

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