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Weathertightness, Climate Control, and Acoustic Solutions for Your Builds

Masons' dedication to quality, innovation, and compliance has made them a trusted name in the New Zealand construction industry. Their solutions not only meet but often exceed industry expectations, providing architects, specifiers, and builders with the tools they need to create durable, high-quality structures.

Masons' commitment to efficiency is evident in their diverse product range, each crafted to address specific challenges within the construction industry.

UNI Flexible Air Barrier System

The UNI Flexible Air Barrier System is a versatile and high-performance solution for protecting buildings against the elements. Once installed, it provides at least 90 days (UNI PLUS) and up to 150 days (UNI PRO) of rain and UV protection for unclad framing. Interior and exterior trades can work in parallel to speed up construction programs. This system acts as a secondary line of defence, preventing moisture ingress while allowing the building to breathe. Its flexibility makes it easy to install, even around complex architectural details. 

The UNI system enhances the durability of the building envelope and contributes to overall energy efficiency. It is a synthetic wall underlay system, thicker and stronger than conventional house wrap. 

Barricade Weather Defense System

Designed to withstand New Zealand's harsh weather conditions, the Barricade Weather Defense System offers robust protection against wind, rain, and other environmental factors. This rigid air barrier system is easy to install and provides exceptional durability and strength. Rigid air barriers covered with a self-adhesive weather-resistive underlay can assist in the airtightness of the building envelope, improving thermal performance and reducing energy costs.

The Barricade Weather Defense System is ideal for buildings that require a high performance wall underlay. It is a premium weather-resistive rigid air barrier system for residential and commercial buildings, providing up to 150 days of UV protection, a bracing element, and a fire-rated wall system. It includes wind and earthquake bracing units and offers a 30-minute fire resistance rating for walls within a meter of the boundary.

Enviro AAC Intertenancy Wall System

The Enviro AAC Intertenancy Wall System is an optimal solution for sound and fire-rated partitioning between tenancies. Made from autoclaved aerated concrete (AAC), this system offers excellent acoustic insulation and fire resistance, making it perfect for multi-residential and commercial buildings. Its lightweight nature eases the installation process, while its robust performance ensures long-term reliability.

The Enviro AAC system meets and exceeds the stringent requirements for intertenancy walls, providing peace of mind to builders and occupants alike. It is based on Enviro AAC panels — a dense yet lightweight material that exceeds fire resistance rating (FRR) and sound transmission class (STC) compliance ratings. The construction-friendly system allows for simple and stacked methods that can be installed by as few as two builders, minimising cutting and waste.

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Weathertightness, Climate Control, and Acoustic Solutions for Your Builds
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