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Mason's Brick Ties CodeMark Certified

What Is CodeMark?

A CodeMark is a Department of Building and Housing scheme and is the highest of any type of appraisal available in Australia and New Zealand.

CodeMark provides assurance that certain building products and systems meet New Zealand Building Code requirements, and all building consent authorities must accept certification as evidence of building code compliance.

Administered by the Department of Building and Housing under the Building Act 2004, the certification scheme speeds up the consenting processes and provides assurances to specifiers about their product choice.  Accreditation is based not only on the product’s performance but also on sales follow-through, warranties, and how reliably the company operates overall, to ensure the end user gets the full benefit of the product.

What Does This Mean For The Customer?

The CodeMark provides reassurance that you are receiving a guaranteed quality product.  A CodeMark comes with stricter manufacturing guidelines and tougher controls on batch testing and supply chains; for example, Masons batch test the galvanizing on every single batch of brick ties.

Managing Director Trent Mason says, "I would question whether any of our competitors would do anything like that, so at the end of the day it gives Masons more work to do in-house, but gives everyone assurance of the quality of our product in the market place."

Masons Plastabrick Ltd will be exhibiting at the following Home Show Events:

  • WAIKATO Home and Garden Show:  October 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, Hamilton
  • CANTERBURY Home Show:  October 18th, 19th, 20th, Christchurch
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