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Marley dBlue Acoustic Plumbing Saves Time on Site

With its unique combination of acoustic performance, light weight, heat resistance and mechanical strength, the Marley dBlue Acoustic Plumbing system is quickly becoming the sought-after choice among contractors and specifiers.

Key to its performance is the triple-layer polypropylene construction combined with sound absorbing mineral filler (PP-MD) that maximises absorbance of sound by up to 16 dB(A). Proprietary rubber-lined acoustic brackets further reduce waste water noise for a more peaceful living or working environment.

These superior acoustic properties make Marley dBlue ideal for multi-occupancy apartments, hotels, hospitals, and office buildings.

Hydraulic Services Design Consultant for Waikato-based Flow Consulting, Aaron Rink, says that vertical and condensed living has made acoustic comfort more important than ever.

“I personally specify Marley dBlue on all our commercial projects due to its acoustic properties, negating the need in most situations for waste-pipes to be wrapped in additional acoustic lagging. That reduces time and cost on site, plus it takes up less space because you're not having to allow for the fatter acoustic installation that otherwise would be required,” he says.

Rink also praises its high temperature resistance which makes the BRANZ-appraised Marley dBlue system ideal for use in commercial kitchens.

“It can handle higher temperatures than conventional PVC, which gives us better peace of mind where there might be mechanical condensate drain discharges and the likes going into the system,” he says.

Another factor that makes dBlue the system of choice for Flow Consulting, is Marley’s reliable inventory management.

“Being a New Zealand company, they're very committed to the plumbing industry and in supporting all plumbers in New Zealand. They provide very good tech support and backup for those contractors that are installing their products.

So it's our go-to product in terms of the application where acoustic treatment of pipework is required. We specify dBlue straight off the bat,” Rink says.

dBlue offcuts can be returned to Marley at the end of life. And by using advanced manufacturing techniques and optimising energy use, Marley dBlue helps in reducing the overall carbon footprint of the construction process.

All good reasons why Marley dBlue is the quiet achiever in plumbing in New Zealand.

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