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Marley's New Leaf Diverter Makes Every Drop Count

Water has been in the news more than ever of late. Even politicians are now aware that New Zealanders see the need to protect and preserve clean water supplies. Many homeowners are demanding action of local councils or taking steps to do that themselves.

The launch of the new Marley Curve leaf diverter is therefore particularly well timed.

The Marley Curve is a leaf diverter that combines sleek, sophisticated design with innovative filtering technology for cleaner water. Its unique screen design can draw in 99%* of rainwater while preventing leaf matter and other debris from entering a water tank or stormwater system.

The Marley Curve offers a very simple solution to providing cleaner water to the many New Zealanders in rural areas or at remote holiday homes who are dependent on roof water for drinking and cleaning.

It significantly curbs the amount of solid matter that can flow into a collection tank, whether for greywater or potable water use. This reduces the subsequent build-up of sediment which affects water quality. It can also reduce the strain on in-line water filters and pumps and thus the cost of maintaining them.

Leaf diversion is also important in areas where rainwater flows straight from the roof into the stormwater system. Removing debris lowers the risk of drain blockage and the potential for backflow or overflow.

Available in six colours to match the Marley Stratus Design Series, Curve integrates easily into the Marley RP80 downpipe system and carries the same Marley 15-year guarantee.

Marley Curve — drawing water in, keeping leaves out.

*Simulated test conditions. See the Marley website for details.

View more information on Marley, including contact details.
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