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Mammoth Self-Supporting Skillion Insulation

Installing lower-density insulation in skillion ceilings can be problematic. Generally, it requires either the fitting of battens or strapping to the rafters to hold the insulation in place until the plasterboard is installed.

High-performance Mammoth Skillion Insulation is manufactured in medium-density sections that are self-supporting — eliminating the need for battens.

Mammoth Skillion sections also spring-fit between rafters to avoid gaps and creases in the insulation surface that compromise thermal performance.

Made from 100% polyester, Mammoth insulation is moisture-resistant and is not damaged by moisture making it an ideal skillion roofing product.

From a sustainability perspective, Mammoth insulation incorporates fibres from recycled plastic bottles, is Declare Red List Free and is manufactured in New Zealand by a carboNZero certified organisation.

Why Choose Mammoth Skillion Insulation Sections?

  • Self-supporting sections needing no battens or straps
  • High-performance friction-fit
  • 100% Polyester so safe handling
  • Declare Red List Free
  • Manufactured by a carboNZero certified organisation
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