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Lifting the Veil on Smart Toilets

Smart technology, sophisticated design and new generation hygiene are the key factors defining today’s toilets — for both commercial and residential installations. Kohler’s Veil intelligent toilet, now available in both wall faced and wall hung options, contains advanced features offering optimal toilet hygiene and individual comfort.

Hands-Free Operation

A number of smart features ensure hands-free operation of the Veil toilet suite including the touch-less automatic flush and motion-activated cover and seat. A touchscreen LCD remote control enables the temperature of the heated seat to be adjusted for optimal comfort, and for peace of mind, the bowl can be LED-lit for nighttime visits. 

Customised Personal Cleansing

The Veil toilet incorporates modern-day bidet functions for customised personal cleansing. These functions can be adjusted to suit preferences for water temperature, spray style, position and pressure, along with additional pulsate and oscillate functions. The temperature of the precision air dryer can also be adjusted.

In addition, a fan, which is activated on sitting, functions to draw air from the toilet bowl through a carbon filter to remove odours and help keep the bathroom fresh.

Compact Design with Hygienic Rimless Bowl 

The Veil sports a hygienic rimless bowl, with a self-cleaning wand that uses UV light and electrolysed water systems to sanitise its surfaces.

Both the wall faced and wall hung options are compact, one-piece toilets with an elongated bowl for added room and comfort. They feature an in-wall fully concealed cistern with a 3/4.5L flush. 

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