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How to Keep Water Out of Buildings Permanently

Tanking is the process of damp-proofing walls underground by creating a barrier that is impermeable to water.  When building a new home, there is an opportunity to completely waterproof a basement from the outside, through to the underside of the slab, by turning it into a waterproof tank.  This impermeable envelope, combined with a proper drainage system, ensures that a basement remains completely dry even during the wettest weather.

Why is Tanking So Important?

As tanking prevents water ingress it is vital that it is done correctly the first time, because once below-ground tanking is complete rectifying any waterproofing issues, involves the laborious and extremely expensive process of digging out the back-fill to reach the membrane.

It's therefore important to commission an experienced, detail-oriented installer to ensure your building is fully protected from water ingress forever.

Viking Roofspec's Approved Applicators have the knowledge and experience to professionally install Viking’s ‘Bituclad4’ and/or ‘Peel & Stick’ damp proof membrane systems and can ensure the tanking is installed correctly for the ultimate protection of the building.

Viking’s Tanking Solutions

Viking Bituclad4 is a bituminous tanking solution that is applied to the pre-primed substrate with a flame.  It is a 4mm thick sheet of modified bitumen membrane, crafted from polyester and fibreglass that is torched to the vertical and horizontal surfaces under the ground.

Viking Peel & Stick is a 1.5mm thick rubberised asphalt membrane, on the face of which a heavy duty, high-impact polyethylene film is laminated.  The adhesive side has a removable release sheet which is peeled back at the time of application to the pre-primed substrate.  Being cold-applied it is perfect for tanking in restricted areas where the use of a flame is not an option.

These solutions are designed for installation on most forms of tanking including: retaining walls, tunnels, lift shafts, plaza decks, roof gardens, planter boxes and the most common use, the below ground part of the outside of home or building.

Ease of Approvals

Both Viking Roofspec tanking solutions are BRANZ appraised, meaning they have been independently tested in New Zealand to ensure they meet New Zealand Building Code requirements, which for tanking, is a minimum durability of 50 years. Having a BRANZ appraisal for both these tanking solutions will make specification and council compliance easier for you and your client. 

Note: Viking Bituclad 4 has now been replaced Viking GM Mercury.

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