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Viking Mercury FC

Viking Mercury FC is a damp-proofing and tanking system that protects the below-ground portion of a building structure from water ingress. This torch-on system, consists of a polyester and fibreglass modified bitumen membrane that can be used for vertical and horizontal waterproofing applications.

It is applied as a single layer down to a depth of 3.5 metres, but when installed as a double layer, can go down to 10m below ground level. Typical applications include: under floor slabs; behind masonry walls and on substrates of in-situ or pre-cast concrete.

Viking Mercury FC is manufactured with a SBS rubberised bitumen compound that renders excellent cold flexibility, down to (-20°C) degrees; preventing splitting or cracking in extreme conditions.

Key Features
  • Cold flexibility to (-20°C)
  • High puncture resistance
  • Very high chemical resistance
  • Rot proof
  • 4mm thick
  • Double-layer option for higher hydrostatic pressure situations
  • Torch applied; maximum adhesion
  • Installed only by a Viking Approved Applicator
  • 20-year product warranty
  • BRANZ Appraised (Appraisal No. 864)
NZ-Owned Business
NZ-Owned Business
Scope of Use

Other forms of tanking where Mercury FC can be used include under floor slabs, behind masonry walls, the lining of substrates of in situ or precast concrete; retaining walls, cellars, lift shafts, tunnels, plaza decks, roof gardens and planter boxes.

Viking Mercury FC DPM Membrane has been appraised as a DPM for use:

  • On buildings subject to non-specific design under floor slabs complying with NZS 3604 and behind concrete masonry basement walls and under floor slabs complying with NZS 4229; and,
  • On buildings subject to specific design with substrates of in-situ or precast concrete complying with NZS 3101 or concrete masonry complying with NZS 4230; and,
  • Where subsoil drainage and free draining granular backfill has been placed behind basement walls

Viking Mercury FC DPM Membrane must be adequately protected against damage during backfilling and in service.

Limitations on Use

Viking Mercury FC Membrane must be installed by Viking Roofspec Licensed and Trained installers.

Statement of Building Code Compliance
  • Clause B1 STRUCTURE: Performance B1.3.1. Viking GM Mercury FC Membrane meets this requirement.
  • Clause B2 DURABILITY: Performance B2.3.1 (a) not less than 50 years. Viking Mercury FC Membrane meets this requirement. See paragraph 11.1 of the Viking Mercury FC Membrane BRANZ Appraisal.
  • Clause E2 EXTERNAL MOISTURE: Performance E2.3.3. Viking Mercury FC Membrane meets this requirement. See paragraphs 13.1 - 13.3 of the Viking Mercury FC Membrane BRANZ Appraisal.
  • Clause F2 HAZARDOUS BUILDING MATERIALS: Performance F2.3.1. Viking Mercury FC Membrane meets this requirement and will not present a health hazard to people.
Other Performance Attributes
  • BRANZ appraised (No. 864, 2014)
  • Viking Mercury FC has a 20-year product warranty
  • The bitumen used in membrane is a bi-product of the oil refining process, providing a constructive use of this waste product
B2 Durability compliant
E2 External Moisture compliant
External Moisture
F2 Hazardous Building Materials compliant
Hazardous Building Materials
BRANZ Appraised
BRANZ Appraised
Product Technical Statement
Material Safety Data Sheet
Independent Appraisal (BRANZ)
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Additional Information
Case Study: TorchON Protects Home Below and Above Ground
CAD/PDF Details
Viking Mercury FC Tanking Details Full Set
Viking Tanking Peel & Stick Details Full Set

For over 50 years, Viking Roofspec have supplied roofing and waterproofing materials, and combining leading-edge function with design flair to keep water out — for good.

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