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Designing with a Frameless Shower Door Can Help Make a Small Bathroom Bigger

There is a growing trend with urban residential design to focus on creating beautiful spaces, both public and private. With an increase in apartment blocks and medium-density building happening in NZ's cities, it is crucial that designers make the most of available space.

As social and economic make-up develops, entire living arrangements are being taken into account, including initiatives like doing away with car parks for bicycle storage.

This approach flows through into living spaces, with beautiful but compact apartments and designs that maximise floor space, New Zealand is taking advantage of international trends.

NZ bathrooms have also changed with these trends, becoming efficient in their use of floor space, while still remaining functional. The best way to design a bathroom when space is at a premium is to use custom-designed products that are made specifically for the space.

A bathroom is a sanctuary, somewhere that needs to be comfortable, and a critical component to comfort is making sure the bathroom feels light and spacious.

One area to make the best use of space is in shower design. While a lot of people enjoy a good soak in a bath, when space is of the essence, it’s important to use products and materials that don’t encroach on that space. A frameless glass shower helps connect the bathroom floor space and shower area, making for a more spacious, relaxed environment. Frameless showers also don’t inhibit any light coming into the bathroom from the windows and if the bathroom is designed with bright, vibrant colours, the space will feel inviting and comfortable. Frameless glass is the perfect choice for a bathroom designed with wall and floor tiles.

Sliding doors or a bi-fold shower screen are essential when there isn't enough room to swing a door open either. Not only that, but they are the most elegant way to finish off the shower enclosure design.

Space aside, frameless glass is incredibly easy to clean and maintain — perfect for everyone’s busy lifestyle.

It is becoming less common to design a bathroom with a ‘standard’ sized shower or bath, often spaces just do not allow for it. Juralco specialises in providing custom made products for the home with a range of showers that can be designed to fit any bathroom small or large.

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