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End Pivot Louvre Roof Technology for Water-Resistant Outdoor Room Design

Every ship or submarine that goes to sea is equipped with a bilge pump to keep on top of leaks; it’s part of life in a wet environment. Nautical engineers and homeowners alike do the utmost best to keep water out. An outdoor room is very much in the elements, so for the most comfortable experience, it’s best to have a system that prevents as much water penetration as possible.

For a lot of its life, an outdoor louvre roof will be closed and protecting the things below it, even if it’s sturdy outdoor furniture. While it’s unlikely that a system will completely prevent water penetration, the end pivot system is designed in a way to all but eliminate the risk of people getting wet underneath.

The most important factor in keeping water from getting underneath a louvre roof is resting the louvres as close to the gutter edge as possible. This is where the end pivot system really shines. Because the pivot is situated along one edge of the louvre, and the louvres are not rotating around a centre-point, they can rest incredibly close to the frame's internal gutter. This means that little to no water is allowed to splash up underneath into the dry area when disturbed by rain and turbulent, whirling airflow. This means homeowners and their guests remain dry, comfortable and happy. On the other hand, centre pivot louvres sit much higher as they must allow a substantial gap which is commonly 90mm or over, so that the louvre can spin on its axis and open without hitting the gutter.

The entire HomePlus Outdoor Living System is designed to prevent water penetration; each opening edge overlaps with a purposefully designed mohair, this is coupled with a subtle and intentional pitch across the louvres and a return to drain water towards the gutters as the louvres quietly and smoothly open, so that everyone can enjoy the outdoors no matter what weather is passing through.

No detail is left untouched with jointless extruded aluminium covered with premium powder-coating meaning that water flows freely away.

To finish off the construction of the system, it has been produced with both mechanical and sealing waterproofing at the baseplate, post joins, and the ability to run 40mm drain pipes internally means that there are no compromises when it comes to the stylish design aesthetic.

HomePlus Outdoor Living Systems can be installed as free-standing structures, mounted against a wall, or fully integrated into the architecture of a building.

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