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Highlighting Premium Timber Hardwoods in Commercial Spaces

In the thriving precinct that gained city status after the opening of the Harbour Bridge, Takapuna serves as the commercial and administrative hub of the North Shore. It's here that JSC collaborated with Rucon Construction and Izzard Design to create the vibrant hub of Goodside and The Grange at Smales Farm.

Cumaru: Beauty and brawn

At the core of this dynamic project lies JSC's FSC 100% certified Cumaru timber, renowned for its class 1 durability. This exceptionally dense and hard timber not only adds a touch of natural elegance but also promises longevity in high-exposure areas.

Their offshore timber mill partner milled the Cumaru to the required dimensions, keeping wastage to a minimum and ensuring the budget quoted at the outset was easily met. The timber was then shipped to NZ rough sawn and machined to profile locally at JSC. This synergy creates a measurably more sustainable story.

Cumaru's innate resistance to fungi and insects further solidifies its standing as an ideal choice for bespoke commercial projects. With the right tools and methods, Cumaru yields a clean, smooth finish, making it a versatile choice for a range of applications, including heavy structural beams and posts, industrial and commercial decking, commercial interiors, flooring, and even bridge girders and decking.

Vitex: Strength and aesthetics in outdoor decking

For the outdoor elements of this project, JSC turned to Vitex, a timber sourced from community-based operations in the Solomon Islands. Vitex is a reliable, long-wearing hardwood known for its consistent pale-yellow and creamy-grey coloration. It weathers gracefully to a beautiful uniform grey with UV exposure, adding character and charm to any space.

Vitex is strong, durable, and user-friendly — this makes it ideal for Goodside, where hundreds of people walk across the decking daily. Proven performance in both commercial and residential exterior applications establishes Vitex as the go-to choice for decking. This hardwood's consistent quality, good working properties, and excellent finishing capabilities make it a valuable addition to any outdoor space, especially in high-traffic areas.

In this project, the invaluable role played by Cumaru and Vitex in elevating the commercial landscape is evident. Architects, specifiers, and building professionals can take confidence in these products, as well as JSC's dedication to providing fit-for-purpose products, with a focus on quality materials.

Imagery: Mark Scowen
Design: Izzard Design
Build: Rucon Construction
Project Timber: Cumaru and Vitex

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