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Intelligent Sun Control from Jacobsen

EOS Intelligent Sun Control offers a highly versatile system for controlling all types of motorised solar protection devices, applicable from simple configurations to operate a conference room, to complete buildings.

The system can provide individual, group and central control through different input devices, like switches, remote controls, touch screens, sensors and computers. It has proven stability and reliability in a great number of projects and is simple to understand and configure, thanks to a modular build-up. The system can be reprogrammed and extended after commissioning, in order to accommodate changes in building occupancy and space lay-out. It is easy to integrate in higher level Building Automation Systems that control other facilities like lighting and air-conditioning.

Sophisticated features like precision tilting of vanes and louvres, addressing each solar protection device through programmable controllers, feedback to the central computer and incorporation of various sensors allow for the design of pre-set scenes and advanced sun-tracking.

High accuracy in tilting angles and up/down stops ensures uniform alignment of different sun protection devices along the same facade. Override privileges can be assigned to individual users and/or can give priority to emergency signals.

The photos above are of the Big Dutchman office in Malaysia. This is a great example of the range of different types of louvres — vertical, horizontal, solid, perforated. Their EOS Intelligent set-up includes light sensors, remote controls and manual switches, all linked through their building management system.

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