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Reduce Construction Time and Costs with Dincel Structural Walling

Dincel’s Structural Walling system is the ideal way to exceed the rising demands of today’s building industry, particularly in the medium-density residential space. This Best Environmental Practice (BEP) approved polymer formwork meets sustainability compliance and longevity requirements while the patented snapping action of its modular system ensures a safer, faster, and more economical construction process.

Dincel gives clients the opportunity to maximise profits while dramatically reducing build time. Installation can be done with a two-person team who can install up to 25m² of Dincel wall every hour resulting in up to a 50% reduction in construction time. And with no need to tank or waterproof the external face, the excavation required for basement walls significantly reduces.

The structure requires little to no scaffolding and each panel is light enough to be carried by a single person which means there is no need for cranage during installation, thus mitigating difficulties around hard to access sites, reducing safety measures required and increasing worker safety.

Fewer onsite tradesmen are needed due to the low level of skill required for the installation of Dincel panels with one tradesman being able to undertake the panel installation, steel reinforcement and concrete pouring. In fact, the incredibly strong PVC webbing in the product allows high slump concrete to be poured in a single continuous pour up to 4.5m of vertical wall height without additional bracing.

Dincel’s unique crack control web technology reduces reinforcing steel requirements and removes the need for separate crack control joints, leading to greater waterproofing performance, air tightness and resistance to embers. The polymer shell's built-in protective skin eliminates any durability concerns as it offers the option to replace some of the cement content with cementitious materials therefore maximising concrete strength, preventing moisture loss, and automatically applying ideal curing conditions.

Able to achieve a 120+ year lifespan, Dincel panels significantly reduce CO₂ emissions and embodied energy compared to conventional construction methods. Its Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) are over 25 times less than the recommended Green Star threshold making it a proven choice for sustainable construction.

Talk to the team at Jacobsen early on in your construction project or use the online calculator to calculate how much time and money Dincel Structural Walling systems can save your project.

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