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Meet Compliance Requirements with Dincel Structural Walls

A non-toxic, durable polymer, the Dincel Structural Wall System is a lightweight formwork that is filled with concrete, producing a load-bearing, waterproof, fire-resistant structural wall.

Dincel requires no additional waterproof membrane when filled with ready mix concrete, and the flow and compaction of the concrete are improved. This prevents the root causes of water problems such as porosity of walling materials, leaking wall joints and wall cracks.

Dincel has also been tested for suitability in earthquake zones, so architects can specify this with the peace of mind that it is suitable for NZ conditions.

And for those urgent projects, the unique patented snap-lock joints connect panels together for fast and easy installation — reducing construction time by up to 50%.

Case Study: Dincel brings benefits to 25-studio apartment block

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