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IBS OS'Brace RAP Provides Superior Weathertightness

When building a home in a high wind zone, extra precautions need to be taken to ensure that the house has sufficient bracing to protect itself. Inhaus Developments Ltd realised that they could use a rigid air barrier, instead of traditional building wrap, to add extra bracing elements to their current build in Nelson.

Inhaus is a boutique building company based in Nelson specialising in personalised service with a focus on lifestyle. Owners Russell and Tanya have been in the building business since 1987 and carry a wealth of experience, awards and skills.

Russell found that IBS OS'Brace RAP was the perfect solution for his latest build. "We found out that OS'Brace RAP offers structural bracing elements, meaning that we could effectively cut costs by not investing time, labour and resources to adding extra bracing as you normally would," says Russell. "It's really easy to put up and you don't have to pre-measure your windows, simply cut them out later. It helped to speed up construction time as we were able to start working on the inside a lot sooner, no matter how bad the winter weather was outside."

IBS OS'Brace RAP is an orientated strand board rigid air barrier and structural bracing panel. As an OSB/3 panel, manufactured in accordance with EN13986:2004, it is suitable for use in humid conditions and replaces traditional building wrap. IBS OS'Brace RAP is also CodeMark certified to the NZ Building Code.

The panel provides superior weather-tightness, due to the combination of the multiple orientated layers of pressed strands, H3.1 level treatment during the strand bonding process and the super E0 formaldehyde free resin used to bond the strands. Since the chips are treated during the bonding process, the edges do not need to be re-treated when cut. It creates a temporary barrier against external elements, enabling builders to close buildings in faster and begin working on the inside sooner. IBS OS'Brace RAP is CodeMark certified to be exposed for 90 days during the construction period, however depending on the conditions, this could be longer. The panel allows internal moisture to escape, while repelling external moisture, and also equalises air pressure inside the outer wall cavity, allowing the build to withstand higher wind zones.

There are multiple tape systems available, so installers are not limited to only one tape system

IBS OS'Brace RAP meets the stringent health and safety requirements for builders. Since it is bonded with super E0 formaldehyde free resin and as the panel is made of wood, there are no carcinogens released when cut. Finally, weighing from a light 11.2kg, the product is a safe one-man-lift, thereby reducing injury from heavy lifting.

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